Stone of the Ages

The finsh

We left Talbhein and travelled along the road, we met Gandalf again and he took us to a elven kingdom and said he needed the stone of ages. We gave him the stone and went to bed woke up and he had gone but he left us a purple crystal that glowed. we asked an elf what it was and he told us it was a messaging device and that he had left us a message. The message said don’t worry and that we had to find him. We decided to go back to the witch and give her the eye of Medusa. We followed a river that would lead us to a road that led us to the witch. Something was in the water I tried to poke it and it came out of the water, it was an Ameaba. Me and Fitz fought it but got swallowed, we killed it from the inside, had a bath and carried on. Found a path that went into the mountains, so we followed it this mist engulfed us and Fitz’s eyes started streaming and he was coughing. We went deeper in and found these creatures called Fimir, we attacked them and managed to get them with the eye of Medusa, we went to the witch’s cave. Gandalf was there, he told us the stone was going to explode and that he had now defused it and also taught us how to use the transmitter. We made our way back to Middenheim and along the way met a lone lizard man and tried to be friends with him but he couldn’t understand us and attacked us, I disarmed him and he ran away. Made it back and got 600 gold crowns as a reward.



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