Stone of the Ages

Still going

Travelled along the path and heard a swooping noise, I felt something brushed past me, Fitz used the eye of medusa to turn it into stone, got its left wing it crashed into the woods so we checked it out, it turned out to be a liche (a undead necromancer). Killed it, we heard something else on the path, we went to look it was a large group of ghouls.We used the eye of medusa and killed 4 of them and rooted 12 to the ground. I chopped of the heads off two ghouls and chopped one arm each off 4 ghouls, the rest retreated so we followed them into a misty swamp, found out it was a ancient battle ground,ghouls saw us they ran even further we found a shield and some amethyst. We found a path we followed the it and the land got firmer. We came up too a river and walked upstream to try and find a way across we were at the edge of some woods with some trees that had fallen down and used some rope and wood to make a raft. We crossed the river and then disguised the raft and walked downstream, met a person who in return for some leftover lizard skin told us that there was a secret passage way into the necromancers castle. We found the way in and travelled along the tunnel, we came up to a door knocked on it and said “Pizza delivery!” a person came and opened the door with a sword in his hand and he swung at us. I attacked him back killed him and found on him: a multiple spell jewel, and a grimoire, we found two rooms in one we found a sink and water, the other one looked like a alchemy lab and we found in there a poison and a health potion along with a potion which we assumed was a means too control the jaberwock because there was a open book which was called how to control a jaberwock, we went along the corridor where there was a door which we opened slightly and heard a buzzing noise we shut the door quickly because we knew that jaberwocks make that noise with there wings.Fits held the eye of medusa at the door and I opened it, it turned out that the jaberwock had moved so I came face to face to it. It attempted to bite me but it missed, then it stomped on me, Fits turned its left leg to stone so the jaberwock taillashed us we stepped back. To be continued…



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