Stone of the Ages

The Necromancer's Castle

…whilst the jabberwock was pinned to the ground, Odin Thrasher and Fitz retreated back to the lab to find out about controlling it. They found various books but, being complete dunces, couldn’t read them. There were pictures though, so they tried throwing some of the potion they had at the jabberwock which made it go mental and start running round in circles (except its leg was stuck to the ground!). After various clumsy attempts, Fitz managed to dispatch the jabberwock with the Eye of Medusa. They searched the room and found a safe in a cupboard. Odin Thrasher tried to crack the safe a few times, unsuccessfully, so Fitz stepped in and got it first go (beginner’s luck). Inside they found the Stone of Ages, in a box. Odin Thrasher popped it in his rucksack (making them both instantly impervious to harm) but, as soon as he’d done that, the Necromancer came in by another door. He summoned an army of skeletons and battles ensued. Since Fitz and Odin Thrasher were both impervious to damage, and the skeletons were a shoddy bunch of fighters, it was all over quite soon. However, in the mayhem, the Necromancer slipped out.

Odin Thrasher and Fitz ran after the Necromancer and saw him disappearing around a corner up ahead. They followed him and, after rounding the corner, Odin Thrasher threw a spear at him. There was a green shimmer in front of the Necromancer, and the spear went straight through without hitting anything. When Odin Thrasher went to retrieve his spear, the shimmer and Necromancer disappeared – it was an illusion. The adventurers went back down the corridor and found one door open. Inside was a swimming pool, so they decided to have a swim and discovered that it had a glass bottom and they could see dungeons full of strange monsters and creatures below. After drying off and a quick sauna, they left (dispatching another group of useless skeletons) and followed the corridor round to what looked like the front door. There were statues in the hallway. They went out through the door, only to come face-to-face with two goblin guards…

As the (rather one-sided) fight was about to end Odin Thrasher asked the goblins to server him, which they agreed to do (being seconds away from a full pummelling). However, the Necromancer appeared and got them to attack again. In the fighting, the Necromancer managed to grab Odin Thrasher‘s rucksack containing the Stone of Ages – so getting rid of Fitz and Odin Thrasher’s protection. The fight wasn’t going well for the Necromancer so he magicked himself away. Odin Thrasher persuaded the goblins to serve him again, and got them to lead him to the Necromancer. Fitz and Odin Thrasher (and the goblins) pinned the Necromancer in a corner and got the rucksack back. After a quiet chat (involving swords and necks) the adventurers left, ordering the goblins to keep the Necromancer subdued for the next day.

Fitz and Odin Thrasher followed the road away from the castle and travelled, uneventfully, to the town of Talabheim (Map) where they feasted and found a room for the night.



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